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Pastel Super Stripe

Posted or updated on 11/28/2010


This is a pastel super stripe ball python.  This is a cross between a yellow belly, pastel, and specter.  They have a really bright color almost like a banana.  When I say banana I mean the fruit and not the snake.  I think they will only get better with age. 


I also produced some other crazy looking pastel super stripes.  This breeding was from a pastel ivory I aquired a long time ago with a specter.   I believe there is another gene involved with this snake.  I produced two in this clutch that look very similar.  I am not sure if it has something to do with the pastel or the yellow belly.  They just look so different from the other pastel super stripes that I produced.  It is interesting in that I have people that really like one type or the other.  I really like both but I can see how different people have opposite opinions of each.  I think it is an exciting aspect of the super stripe project in that there have been so few crosses done.  I think we are in the infant stage of what can be produced with the super stripe project.